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Lesion Excision in Sarasota, FL

What is Lesion Excision?

Lesion excision refers to removing one or more skin growths with a cutting tool. Both benign and malignant lesions may necessitate excision, whether for cosmetic reasons or health concerns.

Dermatologists frequently perform lesion removal, as do plastic surgeons. At West Coast Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best lesion excision Sarasota has to offer. For patients concerned about the cosmetic appearance of their skin after lesion excision, a plastic surgeon is often the preferred choice as they have special training in aesthetics and seek to minimize scarring as much as possible.

Who is a Candidate for Lesion Excision?

A cosmetically displeasing or suspicious lesion warrants excision and follow-up testing at a lab if necessary. Some common types of lesions that our Sarasota lesion excision patients have addressed:

  • Moles
  • Skin tags
  • Tumors
  • Malignant growths
  • Dermatofibroma
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Lesion Excision Procedures

Lesion excision is a relatively quick outpatient procedure that Dr. Lambiris performs in his office with local anesthesia.

Using a razor, he removes the lesion and may also feather the edges with an electrode if needed to help the wound blend in better with the surrounding skin as it heals. If the lesion is suggestive of cancer, he sends it off to a lab for analysis to determine whether or not it is malignant. For large or deep lesions, he may, in some cases, perform a full-thickness excision and apply sutures, antibiotic ointment, and a sterile bandage.

Lesion Excision Recovery

Keep the wound dry for 24 hours. After showering, replace the old bandage with a clean one to prevent contamination of the wound.

If the excision technique requires stitches, Dr. Lambiris removes the stitches at a follow-up visit approximately 7 to 10 days after the initial lesion excision surgery. Tenderness, crusting, and bleeding may occur at the excision site. These effects generally resolve in one to two weeks. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and apply a broad-spectrum SPF until the scar matures to produce the most cosmetically appealing scar. Scar maturation can take up to a year.

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Learn more about Lesion Excision in Sarasota

To find out more about your options for lesion removal in Sarasota, book your consultation with Dr. Brandon Lambiris today by calling (941) 366-9818 or click the booking link on this page. Dr. Lambiris is a highly rated board certified Florida plastic surgeon serving patients in Sarasota, North Port, Bradenton, and surrounding areas in Southwest Florida.

Lesion Excision FAQs

Simple mole removal may cost as little as $775 based on national averages, although prices can range up to $2,500 or more depending on the type and number of lesions removed. The skill and experience of the surgeon are also factors.

Lesion removal for cosmetic reasons is not covered by insurance. However, most insurance policies cover suspicious lesions that require biopsy.

The procedure causes modest discomfort. Dr. Lambiris applies a local anesthetic, so there are no painful sensations. Tenderness at the excision site should subside in a few days or up to two weeks.

Lesion excision is a low-risk outpatient procedure. While risks are possible with any surgery, no matter how minor, a highly-skilled Sarasota plastic surgeon such as Brandon Lambiris MD knows how to manage them.

Swelling, oozing, infection, crater scarring, and numbness are possible. Dr. Lambiris strives to minimize associated risks by adhering to best-in-class excision techniques, as well as strict standards of safety and cleanliness.

In most cases, the lesion does not come back after excision. However, if the growth returns, a second treatment may be needed.

Dr. Brandon Lambiris believes everyone deserves the opportunity to look their best. If you’ve dreamed of having plastic surgery to unlock your true potential, we encourage you to join us for a consultation. Experience the real difference plastic surgery can have on your life at West Coast Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL.

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