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Brow Lift in Sarasota, FL

Refresh your brows and achieve a more youthful appearance with a Brow Lift in Sarasota County.

Heavy brows and forehead lines can make your face look tired or angry. Board certified plastic surgeon, Brandon Lambiris MD, strives to deliver the best brow lift Sarasota has to offer. He reverses signs of aging such as sagging brows and deep wrinkles on the upper third of the face with advanced brow lifting techniques that produce a natural-looking result with minimal scarring.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that repositions the skin, fat and muscles of the brow and forehead areas to resolve common signs of aging in the upper portion of the face.

It is also sometimes referred to as a forehead lift. Beyond age 35, gravity, changes in fat pad distribution, and loss of collagen and elastin frequently result in age-related changes to the soft tissues that support the brows and forehead. To elevate the brows and create a fresher, younger-looking appearance, Dr. Lambiris offers brow lift surgery.

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What are the benefits of a Brow Lift?

Possible advantages of brow lift surgery can include:

  • Lifted brows
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Rested, more open appearance of the eyes
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Reduction in forehead wrinkles
  • A more aesthetically pleasing brow shape

Brow Lift Procedures

A brow lift is a customizable procedure that Dr. Lambiris offers to rejuvenate the brow area. Together, you can discuss the various surgical solutions that may be right for you.

Forehead Lift

This brow lift technique requires well hidden incisions at the hairline or within the hair to resect excess tissue and elevate the brow. A minimally invasive version of this procedure, the Endoscopic Brow Lift, can sometimes be performed through small incisions in the hairline through which Dr. Lambiris inserts a tiny endoscopic camera. The endoscope allows him to view and dissect the pertinent soft tissues of the forehead, including the skin, fat pads, and muscles while safely bypassing important facial nerves and blood vessels. The procedure may entail resection of excess forehead skin.

Lateral Brow Lift

To correct age-related sagging of the outer brow near the temple, Dr. Lambiris performs a lateral brow lift. This procedure targets the outer third of the eyebrow, leaving the rest of the brow untouched. Candidates for the procedure typically have a brow tail that descends below the level of the inner eye corner. He places an incision at the temporal hairline to dissect and elevate the lateral aspect of the brow. This technique is also sometimes referred to as a temporal brow lift.

Who is a candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

The ideal candidate for brow lift surgery is a nonsmoker who is in good overall health as well as realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can do. Certain medical conditions may prevent some individuals from undergoing the surgery, e.g. uncontrolled diabetes or bleeding disorders. A brow lift may be appropriate for patients who have one or more of the following concerns:

  • Sagging of the tail end of the brow
  • Heavy brows that look tired or angry
  • Bunching above the upper eyelid fold
  • Moderate to severe forehead rhytides

To determine if you are eligible for a brow lift or related anti-aging procedures, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Lambiris.

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Brow Lift Recovery

Brow lift downtime varies based on the extent of surgery. Dr. Lambiris applies tiny sterile bandages to protect the incisions as they heal.

Swelling and bruising are usually minimal and tend to subside in the first two weeks but may persist for longer. Activity restrictions vary based on the extent of the procedure performed. Most of our Sarasota brow lift patients take one to two weeks off work to recover. Strenuous activities such as exercise and heavy lifting are restricted for the first six weeks. Light walking is encouraged on the day of surgery to lower the risk of blood clots in the legs. It is imperative to avoid nicotine products for at least six weeks post-operatively. Follow all aftercare instructions as directed to facilitate a safe recovery. Check the warning labels on prescribed medications before operating a vehicle.

Consultation for a Brow Lift in Sarasota

To find out more about what a brow lift can do to make you look more youthful, book your consultation with Dr. Brandon Lambiris today. Call (941) 366-9818 or click the booking link on this page to schedule your appointment. Dr. Lambiris is a respected plastic surgeon serving patients in Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, and surrounding areas of Southwestern Florida.

Brow Lift FAQs

Across the nation, the average cost of brow lift surgery is approximately $7,250. Several factors affect pricing. The type of brow lift, surgeon level of training and experience, geographic location, as well as choice of anesthesia tend to have the biggest impact on pricing. If you have a brow lift combined with related cosmetic procedures, expect to pay more. As prices vary widely based on the extent of the operation, the best way to obtain accurate pricing is to book a private consultation with a qualified facial plastic surgeon in Florida such as Brandon Lambiris, MD.

As a cosmetic procedure, insurance does not cover brow lift surgery.

Discomfort is minimal during the procedure due to local or general anesthesia. Pain is typically mild after brow lift surgery. Dr. Lambiris may prescribe medications for pain relief as needed.

Every patient is unique, however most patients choose to undergo brow lift surgery after the age of 35. There is no upper age limit for brow lifts as long as the patient is in good overall health and does not present with any contraindications.

While a brow lift does not stop the aging process the effects can last a decade on average. The permanence of the result depends on the individual’s rate of aging. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun damage, and a poor skin care regimen can all accelerate the facial aging process.

Scars from lateral brow lifts and Endoscopic brow lift techniques produce tiny hidden scars within the hair or hairline. In many cases the scarring may be imperceptible to the untrained eye. The oldest brow lift method, the coronal brow lift, is rarely performed today as it involves a long incision along the hairline from ear to ear.

All surgery carries risks. Possible risks include bleeding, bruising, infection, fluid accumulation in the tissues, poor scarring, hair loss at the incision site, blood clots, nerve damage, pulmonary embolism, cardiac issues from anesthesia, wound dehiscence, necrosis of the skin, and dissatisfaction with the cosmetic outcome. Patients who undergo an endoscopic brow lift typically report a lower risk of scalp numbness as well as a faster and less painful recovery than traditional brow lift techniques of the past.

While both procedures can make your eyes look more awake and refreshed, an eye lift (blepharoplasty) does not address forehead lines and does not raise the position of the brow.

It is possible to undergo a brow lift and eye lift during the same surgery. As a trusted authority on facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lambiris offers both procedures at his private Sarasota County medical practice.

If facial aging concerns are isolated to the brow or forehead, then a brow lift may be the appropriate choice. If the primary concerns include heavy eyelids, dark circles, hooded eyes, or puffy eyes, eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is often better suited to those needs. If you are not sure whether you need an eye or brow lift, Dr. Lambiris will use his facial surgery expertise to determine what procedure is most appropriate for your particular cosmetic concerns. He may suggest a combined brow and eye lift if both areas are of concern.

Dr. Brandon Lambiris believes everyone deserves the opportunity to look their best. If you’ve dreamed of having plastic surgery to unlock your true potential, we encourage you to join us for a consultation. Experience the real difference plastic surgery can have on your life at West Coast Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL.

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