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Breast Reduction in Sarasota, FL

If you have large, heavy breasts that are too big for your frame, Sarasota breast reduction surgeon Dr. Brandon Lambiris offers four advanced breast reduction techniques to create smaller breasts with a perky, lifted appearance.

What is Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is medically known as mammoplasty, sometimes spelled mammaplasty. It involves creating an incision pattern on the breast through which the surgeon removes excess breast tissue to decrease the size of the bust as well as alleviate pain and discomfort from heavy breasts.

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Who is a candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Patients who are considering a breast reduction must be in good overall physical and mental health. Smokers must quit at least six weeks before and after surgery. While a breast reduction improves the size and perkiness of the breasts, it is important to have realistic expectations.

What are the different types of Breast Reductions?

During a breast reduction, Dr. Lambiris selects the appropriate incision to remove the maximum amount of breast tissue with the least amount of scarring.

Crescent Incision

The crescent breast reduction method is suitable for patients who require a minimal breast reduction. This method involves removing a crescent-shaped segment of tissue above the areola.

Vertical Incision

Sometimes called the lollipop incision, the vertical breast reduction technique removes a vertical segment of tissue on the lower pole of the breast without an inframammary scar.

Wise Pattern Incision

Also known as the anchor incision or inverted T breast reduction, the Wise Pattern is a tried-and-true mammoplasty technique. For very large breasts, it is considered the gold standard. However, it does produce the most significant scar of all the breast reduction techniques. The incision goes around the areola and down the lower breast pole, culminating with a horizontal incision along the inframammary fold, or breast crease. The result is an anchor-shaped scar.

Wise Pattern with Axillary Excess Incision

A traditional Wise Pattern breast reduction with an additional incision hidden in the armpit creates smaller breasts while also removing the extra pouch of tissue that accumulates on the sides of very large or wide breasts.

Breast Reduction Procedure

The breast reduction operation takes approximately two hours depending on the extent of tissue removal and surgical method. An anesthetist administers general anesthesia so there is no memory or sensation during the surgery.

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Breast Reduction Results

After making a full recovery, the breasts appear notably smaller and perkier. It takes time for the initial swelling to subside. Full results for our Sarasota breast reduction patients are visible approximately six to 12 months after surgery.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Heavy lifting and physical exertion are off-limits for six weeks.

Postoperative bruising and inflammation are common. These effects tend to subside in the first few weeks. It can take nine months to a year for the scars to fade. Most patients take two weeks off working and driving after a breast reduction.

Consultation for Breast Reduction in Sarasota

To find out more about your breast reduction options, book your consultation with Dr. Brandon Lambiris today by calling (941) 366-9818 or click the booking link on this page. Dr. Lambiris is a top-rated board certified plastic surgeon for breast surgery serving patients in Sarasota, North Port, Bradenton, and surrounding areas of Southwest Florida.

Breast Reduction FAQs

The national average breast reduction cost is $7,300, although pricing can rise to $16,000 or more depending on several variables. The surgical technique and experience of the surgeon tend to have the biggest impact on pricing. Each patient is unique, therefore the best way to obtain accurate pricing is to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Lambiris.

Most patients undergo reduction mammoplasty for cosmetic reasons, thus insurance typically does not cover it.

The surgery itself has no pain due to general anesthesia. Pain after breast reduction surgery is usually mild to moderate. Dr. Lambiris may prescribe pain relief medications as needed. The extent of tissue removal and individual differences in healing are the main factors that influence how you feel in recovery.

The ideal breast size for you depends on your individual preferences and body frame. Many patients elect to go down two cup sizes or more on average. The most popular bust size among patients is a C cup, however, going from a DDD to a D or C cup can provide a meaningful improvement to a patient’s quality of life. Dr. Lambiris helps you select the appropriate postoperative breast size by taking careful measurements of your chest wall and speaking to you about what cup size you are hoping to accomplish through surgery.

Breast reductions are considered a safe, low-risk procedure for most qualified candidates. Possible complications and risks include infection, seroma, bruising, wound breakdowns, uncontrolled bleeding, and dissatisfaction with results. Other risks are possible. It is important to follow all preoperative and post-operative instructions such as avoiding nicotine and physical exertion in the recovery period.

A breast lift is designed to lift saggy breasts to a perkier position and correct downturned or ptotic nipples. It is usually performed on patients who have developed sagging breasts due to aging or pregnancy. On the other hand, breast reduction aims to reduce the size of the breasts for patients who are dissatisfied with a large bust. While a reduction mammoplasty may lift the breasts so they appear perkier, the main goal is to decrease breast size overall. A breast lift does not cause a significant decrease in bust size.

It is important to understand that bra cup sizes are just a tool to approximate breast size; Bra cup and band sizing can vary greatly among different bra manufacturers.

It is important to understand that bra cup sizes are just a tool to approximate breast size; Bra cup and band sizing can vary greatly among different bra manufacturers.

A breast reduction can correct ptotic nipples that point downward or sideways. During the surgery, Dr. Lambiris may elevate the nipple position as needed so that the areolas are located centrally on the breast mound and project forward.

Dr. Brandon Lambiris believes everyone deserves the opportunity to look their best. If you’ve dreamed of having plastic surgery to unlock your true potential, we encourage you to join us for a consultation. Experience the real difference plastic surgery can have on your life at West Coast Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL.

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