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Breast Reconstruction in Sarasota, FL

Mastectomy has a significant physical and psychological impact, forever changing the size and appearance of the affected breast(s).

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Lambiris strives to deliver the best breast reconstruction Sarasota has to offer. Breast reconstruction is a procedure that restores the appearance of one or both breasts with the placement of silicone or saline implants.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

After having a mastectomy, some women choose to undergo cosmetic breast surgery to reconstruct the breasts. Breast reconstruction refers to a surgical procedure that re-volumizes the breasts with implants or flap techniques.

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Breast Reconstruction Procedures

There are several different types of breast reconstruction surgery.

1st Stage Tissue Expander - Unilateral or bilateral

Following a mastectomy procedure, breast reconstruction typically takes place in two stages. The first stage, TE, involves the temporary placement of tissue expanders into the breast pocket before implant placement. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours and is performed as an outpatient surgery. First, Dr. Lambiris dissects a pocket of the breast and then inserts a small tissue expander made of silicone beneath the muscle. The expander has a valve-and-tube system through which he injects small amounts of saline every two weeks until the breast(s) reach the desired size. As the saline inflates the expander, the overlying tissues gradually relax to make room for the implant.

Direct-to-implant Breast Reconstruction - Unilateral or bilateral

During the mastectomy procedure, it is possible in some cases to place implants directly, thus avoiding the temporary placement of tissue expanders followed by another surgery to replace the expanders with implants. Instead, Dr. Lambiris places a saline or silicone implant unilaterally or bilaterally to restore the shape of the breasts to the original size or smaller. However, direct-to-implant reconstruction has some limitations; Namely, the affected breast(s) can be no larger than the preoperative breast size, and there must be adequate healthy breast tissue remaining to accommodate the implant.

2nd Stage with Saline or Silicone Implant - Unilateral or bilateral

The second stage of breast reconstruction takes place after a temporary tissue expander has stretched the overlying skin and muscle to accommodate an implant. Dr. Lambiris removes the tissue expander during this procedure and places either saline or silicone implants into the breast pocket. The surgery takes approximately one to two hours.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Dr. Lambiris prescribes analgesics for pain relief.

Our Sarasota breast reconstruction patients downtime varies based on the method of reconstruction. Soreness, swelling, and bruising are common in the earliest stage of recovery. It is important to take time off work to rest and heal and ask for assistance when you need it. He will work with you to ensure you are healing without complications following breast reconstruction.

Consultation for Breast Reconstruction in Sarasota

To find out more about your options for Breast Reconstruction in Sarasota, book your consultation with Dr. Brandon Lambiris by calling (941) 366-9818 or click the booking link on this page. Dr. Lambiris is a caring and compassionate plastic surgeon in Sarasota County, serving patients in Sarasota, North Port, Bradenton, and surrounding areas of Southwest Florida.

Breast Reconstruction FAQs

In the United States, breast reconstructive surgery costs $15,250 on average. However, as it is a highly individualized procedure, your actual cost may be more or less than the national average.

Insurance may cover breast reconstruction. Check with your insurance provider about your coverage options. In the event your insurance does not cover your procedure, payment and financing are available for your convenience.

Possible risks and complications may include implant malposition, wound breakdowns, capsular contracture, implant rejection, long-term nerve damage, seroma, hematoma, blood clots, uncontrolled bleeding, infection, poor reaction to anesthesia, and revision surgery. Other risks are possible.

For pre-screened candidates, breast reconstruction presents a low risk of serious complications. However, the most crucial step you can take to safeguard your health is choosing a qualified Florida plastic surgeon such as Brandon Lambiris MD. While minor or serious complications can occur no matter who performs your surgery, a qualified surgeon knows how to manage them.

Exercise and heavy lifting are off-limits for six weeks. It is wise to ease back into exercise gradually; Refrain from extreme workout programs for up to 12 weeks.

Silicone implants come prefilled with a cohesive silicone gel. Saline implants also have an outer shell composed of silicone; however, Dr. Lambiris inserts the implant into the breast pocket and then fills it with a sterile saline solution.

Dr. Brandon Lambiris believes everyone deserves the opportunity to look their best. If you’ve dreamed of having plastic surgery to unlock your true potential, we encourage you to join us for a consultation. Experience the real difference plastic surgery can have on your life at West Coast Plastic Surgery in Sarasota, FL.

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